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1. How long does shipping take? Shipping usually takes 6-9 working days from the date of your order.
2. What is the status of my order and how can I find it? You can track the status of your order and follow it once it is sent online.

3. My article is out of stock. What should I do? Feel free to visit our store for replacements of items you would like. Either you can reply to any e-mail we have sent you with the names of the new items, or you can ask for help with our person.

4. I am typing my credit card number correctly, but I received an email stating my order was denied. What should I do? Please ensure that the name and billing address on your credit card matches the name and address you provide to us when placing your order. Do not make abbreviations on this billing address. Also make sure your AVS number (security code at the back) is correct as well. If this does not work, please try another credit card.

5. What is your return policy? We are performing with the greatest concern. You can return unworn / damaged goods within 7 days of your initial order.

6. Is my privacy protected? We do not share your personal information with third party companies. We will delete your information upon request.